About Us

Eco-friendly, handmade, home and beauty products. Made in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
Crafty Works, LLC.

Kelso, WA

We are spiritual humans who care very much for the environment. Recycling, clean eating, using natural ingredients and growing plants that reduce human pollution are important concepts in our house. Each of our handcrafted items are made in small batches, tested thoroughly and hand poured using only high quality & eco-friendly ingredients.

The Candles are 100% soy wax, cotton wicked or wood wicked and scented with phthalate-free fragrance oils. The wax melts are much the same but utilize bio-glitter, eco-mica, and vegan dyes. We have sensitive skin, so our soap is made with extra attention to minimal ingredients. Our soap line is 100% dye free, minimal ingredients and therapeutic grade, skin safe essential oils. Our room sprays and freshies are made of natural carrier oils, natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils. Our packing materials are recycled paper shreds and our boxes and mailers are as sustainable as possible. Please reuse or recycle them. We care for our world as much as we love to make it sparkle.

We are a mother daughter team of crafty artisans. Both have an extensive background in crafting and art. I grew up in a crafty family and have been creating various handcrafts since age 5. Willow inherited the same creative genes and grew up making various artistic and crafty items. The concept of Crafty Works was born when I was in high school. My friends and I talked about opening a candle, soap and crystal shop. The idea was discussed in detail for years but never realized. I kept on honing the idea, with the inner promise of “someday."

During the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, my daughter and I realized that we had abandoned many of our artistic hobbies and passions for several years. This had negative effects on our mental health. So, we began working our way back to the mediums we loved. In October of 2022, we began making handcrafted items for our family members for Christmas gifts. We received positive feedback. The “Crafty Works" concept was brought up again and it was decided that a partnership LLC would be born.

Meet The Makers - Christen & Willow Ellis - Partners
Christen & Willow Ellis